1. Can those sleeves on the coat be strapped behind the back?

  2. Time to get the chant fired up again boyz…USA USA USA!!!

  3. Since those shifty brown illegals are the main threat to the well being of the USA, necessary cuts in the budgets for EPA and HHS are going to finance equally necessary increases in the DHS budget. And since the diagnosis has already been made, resources hitherto devoted to superfluous research at NIH and NOAA, etc, will also be directed elsewhere. And just in case those uppity Russians or Chinese might take it into their heads to get too frisky, the DOD will also get a few bucks….

    God’s in His heaven
    All’s right with the world !…


  4. What do “shifty brown illegals” and tobacco smokers have in common???

    1. They have both been weaponized.

      1. Sodomite loves luvvy!!!

        1. Not in my back yard!!!

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