1. Oh, I suggest that the two-dimensional hero does indeed know what to do when confronted with that pointless agony ; he/she/it says something on the order of «our thoughts and our prayers go out to [fill in the blank]»….


  2. The medieval faith in the cure for what-ails-you remains bloodletting, if not in medicine (Bloodletting killed George Washington), but still practiced, along with torture, in medievally administered politics.

    Nothing like a good bloodletting to drain the evil humors from a sick body politic.

  3. The end of the world is….

      1. This is in appreciation of Bill Van Auken at the WSWS…

        The Stallion parts 1-5 by Ween

        “The working class in both the US and internationally must take these developments, along with the CIA provocation in Syria and its accompanying media propaganda campaign, as a deadly serious warning. It faces the threat of being dragged not only into a renewed bloodbath in the Middle East, but a far more dangerous conflagration involving the world’s two major nuclear powers.”

        -Bill Van Auken

        1. That was supposed to be my comment.

  4. Proudly bleeding out for the Corporation Corp.

  5. this is very profound and sad. The way this country glorifies war yet hides the tragic victims, in this case the duped 3d teenager, and even blames them in cases involving ptsd is demoralizing. We, Americans, are numbed to the horrors of war, and all it’s pain, by the din of glorious celebration every time American military muscle is flexed for whatever moral crusade has been conjured up to desensitize the masses.

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