Documentary about Mr. Fish at the Newport Beach Film Festival!

If you’ve ever wanted to munch popcorn and watch gut-wrenching footage of a jovial and unassuming egomaniac simultaneously self-destruct and self-construct in glorious Technicolor amid spectacular drawings of cocks, politicians, gods and great wailing piles of their unsuspecting victims, here’s your chance!  Meet me and Pablo Bryant, director of Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End, in person at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 26th at 7:30pm.  I will be the one in clean underwear and smelling freshly of Pantene and self-adulation and Pablo will be the foul-smelling genius whose spooky eyes you’ll be trying to avoid.  Dig it.




  1. Congratulations, Mr Fish.
    I’ll have to wait until it comes to NYC, or it’s streamed, or online, to see it. I will be looking for it.

  2. Dwayne, couldn’t you convince Mr Bryant to take a shower ? Genius doesn’t have to smell….


  3. Well deserved, old boy. Congrats.

  4. Hell yeah, dawg! (when are you going electric?)

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