1. Not to mention all the cases of entrapment they have more recently been engaged in, since the new (now kind of old) war on terror (and Comey’s reign) began.

  2. oh, the webs we humans weave……bizzarro world.

  3. Thanks, Dwayne – this one was needed ! Many adjectives could be used to describe Mr Trump, but to make a director of the FBI into a hero, defending «freedom» and «democracy» against assaults from the administration (which is presumed to be a puppet of those dastardly Russians in general and Mr Putin in particular) is simply absurd. (That the same persons who demanded Mr Comey’s head, when he, as was his duty, informed the US Congress that the FBI’s investigation of Ms Clinton’s emails had been resumed, are now rallying to his cause is just one of those delicious ironies of which politics, not least the US versions, is full….)


  4. Love you. Love millenials.
    I remember old J. Edgar.
    The FBI likes to think they are American Spartans. Sixth grade version.
    Professional public servants, rather than ideological pundits, are the untapped fonts of wisdom.
    They will not step forward, you have to seek them out.

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