TEDx Penn with Mr. Fish

Here’s the TEDx talk I did back in April.  I had a swell time doing it and improvised a good portion of what you’ll see here.  Drove the organizers nuts.  Missing from the segment is the asinine fist-in-the-air pose I struck at the opening of the talk just as the lights came up, which I reference at the very beginning.  Dig it.



  1. Beautiful and brilliant, Mr. Fish. Plus the audience was able to see some of your most powerful pieces of work, imo. “If you miss the opportunity to dance, then you miss what it really, truly means to be speechless.” By the way, what was the button on your jacket?

    1. Thanks, K – and, yeah, the button says 33 1/3 (the rpm speed of lp records). I’m old school that way…

  2. Congrats Fish! Very thoughtful, eloquent and touching.
    So glad to see the good things going on in your artistic world.

    (Calls to mind the Bruce routine on the “dirty toilet”. I know you know which I mean).
    In my act, I always tried to make the audient “own” their being offended by anything. Nothing IS offensive a priori. A person perceives or feels something to be offensive to THEM. Which speaks greater volumes about them than it does to whatever they claim is the offending item.
    Thanks for listening….;)

    1. Perfect – leave it to you to cite Saint Lenny in the most appropriate way. Hope you’re well, chum!

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