1. He’s the Orange Madame of the whorehouse that is the U.S. Congress – those cocksuckers will do anything for money. Including cutting off millions of Americans from healthcare. Here in the land of Filth and Money.

  2. I don’t really like the word happiness. I associate it with either the pursuit of willful ignorance, stupidity and delusion, or a sort of hapless reaction like Stockholm Syndrome.

    1. In a more immediate sense, I like the word elation.

      1. There is also the snuggly comfort of laxity… Those stress-free mornings where one sleeps in and upon wakening, feels as though they could stay in bed forever. When combined with elation, this can be a powerful cocktail (and aphrodisiac).

    2. Happiness which doesn’t build upon the misery and subjugation of others is surely a worthy goal, Emile ?…


      1. Surely.

        Ignorance, stupidity and delusion, however can have some unfortunate negative consequences. Even at the end of the world.

        It is EmileZ, not Emile!!!

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