1. Organization disorganizes.

    Scientific organization disorganizes with its greatest efficiency in war science.
    The useful products of science usually destroy natural organization incidentally, not intentionally.

    The singular product of war science is intentional destruction of natural organization, with useful products produced, if at all, incidentally, and on balance they are overwhelmingly negated by war science’s organized disorganization.

  2. None this happened on Obama’s watch…he was so great.

    1. Absolutely…. The best Nobel Peace Prize war criminal money can buy.

  3. Apparently it’s hard to quit, once a nation is addicted to illegally invading and bombing the shit out of other countries. War as opioid, masking the pain that is the soul (sic) of hollow Amerika.

  4. «The definition of military order, as demonstrated by US foreign policy over the last 70 years, brings instability, chaos and universal misery» Nailed it, Dwayne _ the only thing that one might want to add is an adjective, i e, «[profitable] instability, chaos and universal misery»….


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