1. You mental midget fascists. So consumed by your bitter loss of a LYING, THIEVING, MURDERING skank of candidate that all you can do is TRY to bring down the man who will RUN THIS COUNTRY for 8 YEARS. Every time I see one of your rather pedestrian pieces of art/ilk, I smile knowing that all of that energy you put into it is borne of bitterness and resentment. You take it to a whole new level of virtue. This will play out in your life in ways you will blame for in every other way except their true root. Your unfettered ignorance and bitterness. Perhaps your kids will be sterile. That would be a good one. Perhaps your wife will eventually find out about your secret homo trysts. Who knows? Whatever the fallout, I and MILLIONS of others will sit back and enjoy your misery. Now go. Draw like the wind. Fill your spiritual vacuum with the ugliness you’re so celebrated for. The benefits I and others are sure to reap.

    1. I’m surprised how someone who backs what I take as a hateful ideology is capable of such a calm, reasoned response such as yours without a detectable whiff of hate emanating.

      Prior to your post I thought that all people from your side of the divide could only make arguments that sound like empty cans rolling down an alley in a cold wintry wind, or fingernails dragging across a chalkboard.

      I suppose if I live long enough it’s possible that my every preconception will eventually encounter its exception.

      Perhaps we’ll meet one day.


    2. I remember seeing a fair amount of Hillary cartoons just as piognant as this one, so, mmmmm. I see and try to help my fellow humanoids who are crushed by our toxic culture from responding in a way that harms them more and subsequently all of us more. Opiods. Alcohol. Self hatred and self effacement. Over eating. Zombying out with technology. Explosive anger and physical, emotional and mental harm to others. Drawing is not usual in this category as indicated. We must remember that this type of work has been used throughout the centuries to communicate quickly and clearly to express a vision of what humanoids might not see or decipher for themselves. Yes, it can also be used as propaganda. But I do not remember seeing propaganda in this column. Reflections of current events yes. For all those humanoids that are being crushed…perhaps a light of recognition and sanity and maybe even a chuckle – a chance to hang on one more day.

      1. Thank you Mr. Fish.

  2. Terror doth never prosper,
    What’s the reason?
    For if it prosper,
    None dare call it terror.


    Then how about calling it only Shock and Awe?

    1. «Then how about calling it only Shock and Awe?» Or Fire and Fury ?…


      1. “Fire and Fury”

        You get my drift, Henri.

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