You must’ve had to hurl a few times while doing this one, eh, Dwayne? But then no one nails repulsion like you.

  2. Not that I disagree with your observation, but Trump is a product of, and a mirror reflecting America’s cultural and moral decline. All the while, the Deep State (yes there is such a phenomenon) keeps this nation in endless war, contributing to our economic and ethical bankruptcy. Other than that, everything is peachy in the US of A.

    1. Indeed. And the one positive campaign promise that Mr Trump made while running for US president, i e, to improve relations with Russia, has been quashed by the deep state and relations between the two nuclear-weapons powers are worse, perhaps, than ever before. Arseholiness is certainly one of Mr Trump’s defining characteristics, but he is hardly unique….

      But cheer up – if you people can get rid of Mr Trump, he will be replaced that sterling creature of the patented steely gaze, Michael Richard Pence. Something to which to look forward ?…


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