Look! It’s a Mr. Fish Pop Up Show!

If you happen to be in Austin, TX, this coming Friday night (Oct. 27) and you want to buy one or two signed Mr. Fish cartoon prints, one or two limited edition Mr. Fish silkscreens (see below), one or two copies of the new book by Mr. Fish, And Then the World Blew Up, or if you just want to hang out and talk to Mr. Fish about the hows and whys of this, that and the other, head over to the Leona Gallery at 7:30 pm.  The filmmaker, Pablo Bryant, will also be there to shrug off praise and affection for his documentary about the artist, Mr. Fish: Cartooning From the Deep End, premiering at the Austin Film Festival on October 28th.  Dig it.



  1. Wish you all the best in the ‘lone star’ of Texas…

  2. Just hope that that chap doesn’t press the button right in the middle of the exhibition, Mr Fish ; try to stop him a long way from the door !…


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