1. fantastic. concise. beautiful work!

  2. Uncle Sam is still alive? I thought he died of a massive stress induced coronary after the stupefied Supreme Court Citizens United decision.

  3. The really amazing thing, Mr Fish, is rather how often the rest of the world – or at least its politicians and its corporate media – seems to believe that the US is that shining City on a Hill, forced by the evil of others to take stern measures. But as we know, interests don’t lie – one has to follow the money….


  4. Don’t ask why the attacks keep coming, because to look for a cause will be seen by the propagandists of war as trying to excuse them.

    The attacks are always portrayed as having no cause but evil, and so elevates evil to the level of God, as another prime mover and as another eternal “uncaused cause” of all that follows.

  5. Uncle Sam should have listened to MLK…. prior to killing him.

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