With Thanksgiving looming and scarcely a month before the white Republican Jesus tumbles minty clean and blue-eyed from his mother’s stinky surprise to insist that everybody on the planet blush at the same exact shit that he and his super uptight conservative dad blush at or else, the crowdfunding campaign to finish the ferociously wise yet foul-mouthed and nudity-riddled documentary by Pablo Bryant, Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End, has just been launched!

Go here to find out more details and mull over the tasty incentives to contribute.  Unfortunately, the chance to watch me drink sea monkeys from your father’s rubber hip boot while standing in your mother’s tub in my underpants has been replaced with the chance to have dinner with me and the director.  Apparently, there are PETA rules against consuming sea monkeys that are still alive and I don’t have a spatula small enough to comply with their bullshit rules.  Onward!  And dig the film!


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Fish in Pasadena, CA!

by Mr. Fish on November 10, 2014 · 2 comments

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Come all ye faithless!  Where?  To the world famous Art Center in Pasadena.  Why?  Because I will be there on Thursday the 13th to talk about my new book and to project images and ideas guaranteed to enlighten and nauseate and perturb.  The event, unlike most of the others surrounding the promotion of this book – I’ve mostly been booked into university gigs for students and faculty – the Art Center event is open to the public, friends and foes alike!  Here’s a link to the details.  Dig it.



Nation Shout Out

by Mr. Fish on October 27, 2014 · 6 comments

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Here’s a link to the excerpt from my new book, WARNING! Graphic Content, published in this week’s Nation magazine.  Dig it.



WARNING: Graphic Content

by Mr. Fish on October 7, 2014 · 4 comments

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Have your IDs ready and your intolerance for dirty pictures and controversial ideas checked at the door for it’s time to step into the head of Mr. Fish, where filthy ideas meet deep insights and something like inspiring woe, discouraging indifference and gleeful nihilism are born!

After interviewing notorious brainiacs such as Art Spiegelman and Noam Chomsky and spending many months pouring over every kind of art, beginning with 40,000 year old cave paintings and ending with the most contemporary scribblings, Fish has written a book that explores the significance and insignificance of art as commentary.  Find out what is right and wrong with the profession of political cartooning.  Discover the truth about why our visual language is so much more adept than our verbal language at explaining and understanding the existential stuff and nonsense that elates and burdens us everyday.  Have you ever wondered this:  If Yoko Ono sat silently in the middle of a crowded auditorium in her underpants and everybody was there to see it, would she make any sense whatsoever?  Or:  What is a bogey ball and does it really need to be made out of real snot to be impactful?

Mr. Fish answers all these questions and more in his brand new eBook, WARNING: Graphic Content, now available for pre-order at a crazy-ass discounted price on Amazon.  Dig it.  (And feel free to contact the author regarding speaking events and signings: mrfish@clowncrack.com)



Any Chance to Draw Dick

by Mr. Fish October 5, 2014 Words

Here’s an illustration I did for a piece published on WhoWhatWhy.com about the government that runs the government that runs the government.  I loved how nostalgic it made me feel for the Bush years, when doomsday was so easy to predict and rail against.  Dig it. More Sharing Options

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On and Off the Record with Graham Nash

by Mr. Fish September 23, 2014 Words

Here’s the recent interview that I did with Graham Nash for Huffington Post.  Dig it. More Sharing Options

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Chain Linked

by Mr. Fish January 11, 2014 Words

Here’s something that I wrote for Truthdig about the importance of public art.  It was written in support of the campaign to prevent a Paul Conrad sculpture from being dismantled by the City of Santa Monica in California.  I will be participating in an event on Monday night (Jan. 13th) in LA hoping to raise […]

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Holiday Re-Animation

by admin December 19, 2013 Words

‘Tis the season, once again, to amp up our enthusiasm for groundless optimism and synthesized hope and to role play love and understanding amid twinkling lights, roast goose and the benevolent voodoo we imagine emanating from a mythical and telepathic baby Jesus rumored to be coming back as a grownup any day now for the […]

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Going Down with the Shit

by Mr. Fish October 14, 2013 Words
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Sneak Peek

by Mr. Fish August 5, 2013 Words

Here is a short clip from my gallery opening in LA last week, shot by Pablo Bryant.  Dig it. More Sharing Options

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