On Contact with Chris Hedges

Here’s a conversation I had with Chris Hedges on his show On Contact in mid-December 2016, back before Trump was sworn in and made me eat all my words by making America great again.  Please take note of the monogram shirt that I’m wearing, borrowed from my big brother because I only have one dress shirt […]

Death March

Amazing and beautiful day in D.C. marching among a million signs condemning racism, misogyny, systemic thuggery, sith politics and celebrating pussy power, human dignity and dissent against moneyed douche bags and their apologists.  Here’s a shot of a Mr. Fish cartoon sighted at the protest, made large and hoisted proudly by some amazing and smart […]

Draw Your Weapon

Here’s my review on Truthdig of the new Fantagraphics book celebrating the cartoons and cartoonists of The Realist, aptly titled The Realist Cartoons.  It’s a stunning collection and a physically beautiful book.  Dig it.

Mr. Fish T-shirts Just in Time for the Holidays!

What better way to say fuck you to ol’ man winter than with a short sleeved shirt?!  These Clowncrack exclusives are 100% cotton – that’s right, homey claus, one-hundred-fucking-percent! – and tagless so assholes won’t be getting all up in your shit and touching the back of your neck and saying, “Oh, here…hang on a […]

Board Meeting

Time to vote your heart, dear citizens – and I promise that this vote won’t turn your stomach and make you wish you was never born!  I have been given the opportunity to collaborate with a skateboard company (more details to come) and was asked to design two Mr. Fish signature boards, myself.  (The hipsters […]


The Clowncrack Shop is finally open for business!  Right now you can get any cartoon I’ve ever done as a signed print!  More products to follow, including mugs and t-shirts.  Stay tuned, fun-lovers…

This Party Enables Fascists

With a respectful nod to the famous photograph of Woody Guthrie holding his “This Machine Kills Fascists” guitar, I did this illustration for Chris Hedges’ column over on Truthdig explaining how and why the liberal elite were complicit in the election of Donald Trump.  Dig it.