Look! It’s a Mr. Fish Pop Up Show!

If you happen to be in Austin, TX, this coming Friday night (Oct. 27) and you want to buy one or two signed Mr. Fish cartoon prints, one or two limited edition Mr. Fish silkscreens (see below), one or two copies of the new book by Mr. Fish, And Then the World Blew Up, or […]

And Then the World Blew Up

Just in time for the actual doomsday, my new book, And Then the World Blew Up, is available for pre-order!  Comprised of 13 essays and nearly 400 cartoons about the high hilarity of how and why the United States has decided to use self-immolation to light its way into the future, it is the perfect gift […]


If you’ve ever been curious to see what Mr. Fish looks like up close, away from his drawing board, inadequately moisturized for winter and smelling strongly of bad habits and good intentions, he will be attending the New York City premiere of Pablo Bryant’s smart and seamy documentary, Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End, […]

Board Out of My Mind

The Mr. Fish signature skateboards are here! – brought to you by the shit-giving hipsters over at Politic. Head over to their site right now and dig the exclusive interview I did with them and start your Christmas shopping early, as nothing says Happy Birthday, Jesus! quite like Noam Chomsky with both a pipe and […]


My large format portrait exhibit, WE ARE NOT ALONE, is up at the University of Pennsylvania in the forum at the Annenberg School for Communication building at 3620 Walnut Street in Philadelphia.  Here’s the announcement in the Penn Current.  And here’s the full exchange I had with the reporter explaining just who in the hell […]


Mr. Fish will be in Austin, TX, at the end of October to witness the world premiere of Pablo Bryant’s oh-so sexy, not-for-the-taint-of-art nor the hard-of-sneering bio pic about the erratically whimsical mood of a foulmouthed contrarian cartoonist as he professionally implodes and existentially explodes.  Come eat Jujubes and watch the art of political cartooning […]

TEDx Penn with Mr. Fish

Here’s the TEDx talk I did back in April.  I had a swell time doing it and improvised a good portion of what you’ll see here.  Drove the organizers nuts.  Missing from the segment is the asinine fist-in-the-air pose I struck at the opening of the talk just as the lights came up, which I […]

Documentary about Mr. Fish at the Newport Beach Film Festival!

If you’ve ever wanted to munch popcorn and watch gut-wrenching footage of a jovial and unassuming egomaniac simultaneously self-destruct and self-construct in glorious Technicolor amid spectacular drawings of cocks, politicians, gods and great wailing piles of their unsuspecting victims, here’s your chance!  Meet me and Pablo Bryant, director of Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep […]

On Contact with Chris Hedges

Here’s a conversation I had with Chris Hedges on his show On Contact in mid-December 2016, back before Trump was sworn in and made me eat all my words by making America great again.  Please take note of the monogram shirt that I’m wearing, borrowed from my big brother because I only have one dress shirt […]