Mr. Fish’s Dealer Man

Dig this walk through of my recent gallery show, WE ARE NOT ALONE, with my chum and dealer, Robert Berman, a longtime hellraiser and agitator of the kindest and most committed sort.


Spending Some Quality Time with Jesus

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been neglecting my cartooning responsibilities recently, not because I think the world is finally behaving itself and completely undeserving of criticism, disdain or full-throated condemnation, but rather because I’ve been working on a new, profoundly hilarious and cripplingly sad web series about the teenage years of Jesus called For Christ’s Sake.  […]


Half-Price Sale!

Own a piece of history by taking possession of what many comics and commentative art scholars consider to be the best editorial cartoon of the 20th Century!  For a limited time (specifically, until August 27th), the original art for Mr. Fish’s most famous cartoon, Can I Have a Grant?, is being offered at half its […]


Mr. Fish in the Flesh!

That’s right!  In just 10 days, on Thursday, August 25th, starting at 7pm, Mr. Fish will once again be buck-ass naked from the neck up at the Robert Berman Gallery talking about his new exhibit, We Are Not Alone, signing and selling his classic book of cartoons and essays, Go Fish, and his giant tome […]


Portraits at an Exhibition

Here’s a fistful of photos from last night’s opening at the Robert Berman Gallery.  It was really great seeing as many of you as I did.  Fabulous conversation, lovely wine, delightfully surreptitious weed, breeze off the Pacific – heaven!



I hope to see you all on Saturday night (July 30th) from 5pm – 8pm at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica for the We Are Not Alone opening.  All pertinent information regarding directions, collections, erections, projections and parking can be found here.  In addition to the recent works created specifically for the show, […]


More from the DNC

Here are a couple more from my coverage of the Democratic National Convention for Truthdig.  Text describing each illustration can be found here.  Dig it.  


We Are Not Alone

Here’s the official release announcing my show, We Are Not Alone, at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica at the end of the month.  Hope to clink glasses with and exchange knowing glances with fellow riffraff at the opening.  Will be working like a motherfucker on the pieces until I ship them out on […]


Stay Tooned

Hey Fish fans!  Having recently received a number of notes from readers wondering why my cartooning output has slowed, I thought it smart to dispel any rumors that might surface of me having lost a limb or gained a Savior or softened my vitriol towards douche bags and fuckheads even a little bit.  I haven’t.  […]


Mr. Fish featured in PANTA Magazine!

So, you want to be a covergirl like Mr. Fish?  All you have to do is grow up strange, get shitty grades, say all the wrong things at the right time, drop out of college, get fired over and over and over again, never shut up, always give a fuck and then create artifacts that […]