The Clowncrack Shop is finally open for business!  Right now you can get any cartoon I’ve ever done as a signed print!  More products to follow, including mugs and t-shirts.  Stay tuned, fun-lovers…


This Party Enables Fascists

With a respectful nod to the famous photograph of Woody Guthrie holding his “This Machine Kills Fascists” guitar, I did this illustration for Chris Hedges’ column over on Truthdig explaining how and why the liberal elite were complicit in the election of Donald Trump.  Dig it.


Through a Looking Glass Darkly

I received a note this morning from a fan who reminded me of an illustration that I did almost 4 years ago.  He correctly suggested that the image might have greater relevance now than when I originally posted it, which is unfortunately true.  So, in the interest of forcing our collective faces back into the […]