1. Debt and interest are indentured slavery.

  2. 15 arms?
    Sounds like Uganda not Germany.

  3. It’s really quite tame, actually.

    People get tattoos. Real Tattoos of barcodes on their skin.
    Whether the bar code actually scans into something other than:
    “Aren’t I cleaver”; the statement is as debasing as the CC info.

    peace. and all that.

  4. Okay Mr. Fish,
    ya got me on this one…only slightly because the previous comment isn’t quite how I “read” your artistic statement,but I love Mr. Colby’s take on it. My mom is also a Holocasut survivor as well.

    But, my initial visceral reaction was that what survived this year, based on your visual representation was either the 99% who made it through yet another year of credit card dent or the opposite: the 1% who made it through another year by continuing to rip us off with outrageous interest rates and fleecing us all without any backlash to them personally.

    The great thing about art is how subjective it is. Perhaps all of these “meanings” work. perhaps none. But I applaud Mr. Colby for seeing it differently then I did.

    Under any circumstances, peace on earth and good will toward every single person on the planet, not one person excluded.

  5. Still to strong for words to describe. We’re losing 15 arms a day, soon there will be no more witnesses. I know an elderly lady who is a survivor and still a beautician living in Milmay, NJ she is almost ninety. My mother-in-law (89) was a war prisoner on a German farm during the war. Thank G*d she made to America.

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