1. Can you imagine a world where kids in Arizona can learn about their own heritage without book banning or a place where a Republican contender for the presidency doesn’t think $365,000 a year on speaking fees “isn’t that much money,” or a world where everything you say, do or write ANYWHERE might get you “disappeared” gulag-style? Yeah, I can too…but then I have to stop dreaming and fight back the best way I know how. In this hyper-reality we live in…everybody is at war with something. And like all rest, I am so tired of fighting. And that exhaustion is exactly what the rich and powerful want from us. I will not give them the luxury of not having to fight against my very angry, very strong and loud voice screaming for sanity.

  2. Powerful as they are, the MPAA and RIAA constitute special interests to which other special interests, like Google et al, are opposed ; thus it is possible to mobilise against SOPA. Imperialism and war, however are not merely in the interest of special groups, but of those who control the political and economic life of the US (and its satellites) as a whole, and while opposition to particular adventures – or most often, to failures in the manner in which they are carried out – can certainly arise, opposition to the whole structure – the military-industrial-political complex and its inevitable product, war, is beyond the pale. Thus we are unlikely to see such happy warriors for «human rights» as Google (with its intimate ties to the US State Department) or Wikipedia devoting resources to stopping drone bombings in Pakistan or the coming war against Iran. Whether or not it was so to Herakleitos, to these people war is indeed the father of all things (or of their riches and power, which to them is identical)….


  3. Can you imagine if the resources Wikipedia, Google, Facebook et al used for stopping SOPA were also used to stop war (like against Iraq or the impending one against Iran?) or if these assholes cared about freedom then they would not censor Mr. Fish.

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