Through a Looking Glass Darkly



  1. Please release this as a poster so I can buy it and hang it on my wall.

  2. Damn, that’s impressive.

  3. Wow. This is a sizzler. Can I buy the rights to use this on a book cover before it goes viral?

  4. Is that GHB dissolved in a certain proprietary drink in the glass on the book resting on the stool on which the looking glass also rests ?…


  5. one last post,,,
    love the web cam,
    and who is portrayed above davinci?
    so many other things i
    appreciate!!! and won’t ask.

  6. nope…would like to see a few million strong. just how does this pyramid thingy work??

  7. sometimes i think i am saddened by the fact i don’t see a million followers on here…………..but , then , i take a momentary solace in that fact. hmmmmm

  8. primary sources lend welcome dimensionality

    this excerpted from New Englander, Landscape Architect, Designer of Central Park’s Frederick Law Olmsted in his pre civil war account, “A Journey Through Texas”

    “The general impression, from the negroes we saw in both city and country, is one of a painfully clumsy, slovenly, almost hopeless race. Intercourse with them, and dependence on them, as compulsory as is that of a master, would be, to a man of Northern habits, a despair.

  9. Brilliant. Absolutely F***ing brilliant. Can this be put on a T-shirt?

    1. Agreed – Fish took it all the way out with this one. By the way, is that a fish on the floor….?

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