1. In “why buddhism is true” robert wright distinguishes between nirvana as one’s forever fate – a superstitious belief – and “temporary” nirvana – an alleviation of suffering that one enjoys during one’s current (and only, in wright’s view) lifetime – an approximation of which may well be within reach, he asserts

  2. I always thought Christmas was supposed to be in July.

    1. We loves you Mr. Fish!!!

  3. I have no problem with «black oblivion» snatching me as an individual, or indeed, us all as individuals – that is, after all, the condition of all life and everything else – what I object to is that that black oblivion is poised to snatch us all in one fell swoop….


  4. Welcome to black ho-ho-hole-ville, lil’ lady… and would you tell your little Puerto Rican friends I’ll probably be late making my rounds down in the Caribbean, uh, in fact, I probably won’t be able to find their houses at all.

  5. ”collapsing world order” Dwayne what is this conspiracy theory bullshit ? i though you could do better that that.

    1. The last time I checked the gap between the hour hand and straight up midnight on the doomsday clock I needed a micrometer caliper that measured in the ten thousands of an inch.

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