And Then the World Blew Up is Available Now!

Mr. Fish’s brand new book of 13 essays and over 400 cartoons, And Then the World Blew Up, is finally out!  Pick it up online or buy it at an actual bookstore from an actual living person who is likely to make you feel like a pervert for laying down real money for something so crude and raucous and gleefully contemptuous of everything decent and fresh-smelling in the world.  Find out why Mr. Fish cries himself to sleep every night and why people continuously misinterpret his agonizing barks as laughter.  Most importantly, if you know somebody who has a Christmas list that includes a specific request for “a shitload of detailed drawings of Donald Trump rendered as either a cock or an asshole,” know that this book is exactly what the Baby Jesus was born to honor and celebrate!  Dig it!



  1. Uh oh, time for the “congratulations grannie underpants dance” again! So very happy for you, keep on, keepin’ on, you brilliant asshole.

  2. Dear Mr. Fishhead – Congratulations on the new book! To say that you are a crazy artistic genius truth teller, in a culture of liars and hypocrites, would be stating the obvious. Please keep fighting the good fight, and shoving truth up and down various hubristic portals. Your work is needed now, more than ever. May you and your family be blessed with endless food for thought, and beverages of your choice. Thank you for your service.

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