1. Republicans approve of taking liberties with women’s bodies; Democrats allow women the liberty to control their own bodies.

    But don’t mistake this one piece of territory for the whole territory; Hillary did nothing for the wages of Walmart women’s wages while she was on the board of directors.

    Both parties present women a mixed bag of dung and sweetness.

  2. All is not lost. Soon Americans will be able to file their taxes on a postcard. And Republicans will file Medicare and Social Security in the dumpster. Zen Master Fish, “What is the sound of one nation crapping on its citizens?”

  3. Dwayne, you people can love her for whatever, but the 95 % of the human population that does not reside in your Shining City on a Hill might be grateful if you could confine your love and its consequences inside your own territory….


  4. Sometimes I get it,
    And oooo aaaa
    And then,
    Sometimes I just stare it,
    reread, stare it, reread
    She’s created a puzzle
    Mystery! Fishamake.
    Stands naked.
    Between two lovers
    Her and another.

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