Mr. Fish and Chris Hedges Event in NYC

01/25/2018 – 7:00pm

Join us on Thursday, January 25th at 7pm, as Book Culture on Columbus and Harper’s Magazine present Mr. Fish, author of And Then the World Blew Up, in conversation with Chris Hedges.

A collection of disturbingly hilarious cartoons and essays that speak truth to power in this bonkers political era.

What do you get when you cross a fistful of pens and an enormous stack of blank paper with somebody who resents the sweet-smelling muzzle of good manners and polite conversation, who delights in always saying the wrong thing at the right time in contempt of every expectation that the naked truth is at all obscene? This is a collection of cartoons, illustrations, personal essays, culture-war correspondence and interviews with famous intellectual and artistic outlaws, who, like the author, are just trying to defuse the apocalyptic bomb that is the miracle of our Creation. Drawn, painted, and collaged in Mr. Fish’s many virtuosic styles, And Then the World Blew Up is an eloquent take-no-prisoners response to American political life.



  1. Excellent idea for a video recording of the event to be published online. I hope for a positive response from Dwayne, Mr Hedges, and the publisher….


  2. Please record and publish a video of the event on Youtube, and a link. Thank you, G

  3. Will the event be available on line? I’m a “fan” of Mr. Fish and Chris Hedges, two highly valued aspects of the altruistic, non-militant consciousness Americans and humans in general. And I live in Nebraska, so…????

    1. You’re too kind. Not sure what the set up will be. Let me bug the publisher and see what I can find out…

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