1. Upper anus. Gives new meaning to ass cheeks. Executive odors?
    Does Trump suck or blow? Uh? How ’bout both?
    His loo legacy will live in infamy.
    A real twooper, he…

  2. Sometimes Fish’s care for the details of every brush stroke far outweigh the need to capture the essence of the shit hole with fewer shit stick figure lines and longer captions.

    1. It’s very important that Democrats win in 2018 simply because it is very important to Democrats that Democrats win, no matter what happens to the people they allege to represent and whose votes they claim as their own as if by some inalienable right.

      All other conceivable reasons claimed by Democrats for giving Democrats votes pale into insignificance before the eyes of Democrats and will ultimately be ignored by Democrats.

  3. Subtlety does not seem to be one of Mr Trump’s more conspicuous characteristics….


  4. Lacking the now typically racist subtlety of dog-whistling his intents to his adherents, Good Ol’ Boy Donnie lets fly expletives from his patently perfected apparatus for expressing his gut feelings by whistling Dixie.

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