1. I just don’t see a woman drawn here. I just don’t. This to me is a clear depiction of exactly what this country represents from top to bottom.

    1. truth!

      except i would add one thing….a body like that but a face that turns heads. it’s the contradiction of america. good looking face, crap body. the face sells!

  2. This is angry, and this is obscene. A perfect accompaniment to Hedges’s column. Hedges NEVER uses cusswords. I’ve read most if not all of his books; he doesn’t use vulgarity, rarely even in direct quotations. He used “shithole” to describe America in that column, regarding our murderous involvement in El Salvador. Hedges used the word repeatedly. This was an appropriate image.

  3. This one really caused the shit to hit the fan over at Truthdig, Dwayne. Who said that cartoons are irrelevant in this modern/post-modern/post-post-modern day and age ?… 😉


  4. The image is perfect. Just don’t ask how the sausage gets made.

    1. Perfect for what or whom? It doesn’t correlate to 45’s shithole comment at all.

      1. A perfect image for the American 21st Century. Where everyone demands to have their self-identity, and eat it too. With a heaping side of opioids. Soundtrack by Roger Waters…. Smell the Roses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEh7Ip4yvH8

  5. She is about to start dieting. But not by choice. It will come from disease. Chemo therapy will cause her hair to fall out first. She will go through stages of sickness. Then one day, she will be no more. But she first has to devour a few more countries. Or is he? Breasts are suggestive, but not insured. Perhaps breasts, for SOA trained death men to suckle, covered in Mama’s shit.

  6. This is offensive. Why the overweight woman? What does that have to do with a shithole country? Being overweight is not exclusive to the US, the shithole country that it is.

    1. This could just as easily be a man and I never thought it wasn’t before reading your comment. Let’s appreciate this piece for what it is and not turn it into something it isn’t. As far as obesity goes, your are right in that it isn’t exclusive to the US but the US does, indeed, lead the world in obesity rates. Mr. Fish is just pointing out the hypocrisy in Trump’s shithole comment since in most parts of the world the US is seen as the de facto shithole of the world with ample data to support that claim (leading obesity rates being one).

    2. In all seriousness, could you think of a better image to reflect what America has become in this fourth decade of Reaganomics?
      America IS a worthless fat son of a bitch. Gender not withstanding.

      1. Oh, I sure can! How ’bout a White Nationalist young man, Nazi tattoos, seig heiling, in his “Proud Boy” polo shirt. <– That is profane, and it perfectly captures our shitholes country, esp. since 45 has publicly supported these Nazi scumbags. They're not fringe groups. They've been operating in most our institutions so long that they're embedded there, aiding in creating and maintaining institutional racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc.

        How 'bout a photo of a Jamie Diamond, or a wall street trader, a hedge fund manager, or any one of these men (and yes, they're mostly white men), who have inflicted massive amounts of damage, created huge wealth inequities, pushed more and more people into poverty. All due to their avarice and obscene wealth, because for these people, there's no such thing as enough money. <– That is a much better representation of what a shithole country this is. We have a better chance of eradicating obesity than riding the world of these greedy little fuckers.

    3. I’m not sure why you think this is a woman. I took it as the back side of Trump. There is nothing more emblematic of that grotesque and crude nature than the image above.

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