1. The only reason the political cartoonist isnt mangled and twisted after being run over by the politics of the day, run most by men, is that she was still wearing that beoug suit during her encounter. Males in suits and ties don’t look anything like the real riffraff of the world you want to befriend, because they are too busy finding their clothes at the Goodwill store. In kindness and truth, …truly, …. Regards, Gerard. 快点好起来

  2. Looking good, Fish, I’m sure you’ll find all of the answers you need right where you are. In your own goddamned head space, standing, sitting, kneeling or face down in the streets. The problem with the artist is, he just can’t shut his brain up or his talent down. It’s a curse, a parasite and a gift. We all have to deal with it or get the fuck out of the game.

  3. Sit up like a man-artist and face the day! She’ll kick your god damn artist ass again. 😉

  4. The obvious solutions are for American corporations to build more factories overseas and to outsource more U.S. jobs, thus exacerbating the destruction of the American Middle Class via financial ruin, addiction to opioids (not to mention television), and the dawning realization that our elected Federal Officials just aren’t that into the well-being of American citizens (unless it’s for funding overseas American military adventures). Oh…. and elect both Democrats and Republicans who will actively support and work for (as in get paid by) corporate monopolies in agriculture, banking, communications, healthcare, media, pharmaceuticals, etc. Did I mention continue funding the CIA and Pentagon for unlawful overseas American military adventures? It’s more and more apparent, that irony will only get us so far…. And not far at that.

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