1. That piece of shit game, Mouse Trap, never worked when I was a kid either. I’d play by all the rules. Set up each piece as instructed. At the end, generally expecting to win since I did everything according to the instructions, it either fell apart or failed to catch the fucking mouse. Even at age 5, I would end up kicking it across the room all the while yelling, “Fuck you, you piece of shit, asshole, game. You cheat me every fucking time.”

  2. As always, it’s wise to avoid those «free offers» that tend to be opt-out, rather than opt-in….


  3. While it’s absolutely the best dpi resolution for such a final print, there seems to be something terribly wrong with the way the banner is inanimately suspended. Appropriate for a tower or even to be hung on a luxurious balcony say, it’s unnaturally suspended there, in midair, with not even modest strings to hang from.

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