1. Shakespearian I think too. A worried Polinius, and parasitical, administrator of the court, about the state of mind of Hamlet.

    Polonius: Hamlet, how are you?
    Hamlet: I’m fine, thank God.
    Polonius: Did you recognize me?
    Hamlet: Certainly. You sell fish.

  2. At least we managed to avoid the spectacle of this particular contestant in a bikini ! A good old-fashioned one-piece still has its uses !… 😉


  3. Are transgender participants allowed in the Miss Ogynist contest? Because, honestly, she has never looked better.

  4. Dear Mr. Fist…. Maybe frame it, and send to the White House? You might do Melania a favor, and help make her laugh. At least they could hang your work of art on the wall, unlike a gold toilet.

  5. Fish, I know what you meant to write. To avoid future errors, I would suggest :

    1) go to settings.
    2) select languages
    3) Google keyboard
    4) turn off auto-spell correction
    5) note it doesn’t care, and auto corrects your correction (a latest feature of Marshmallow Pi)
    5) let Google, Amazon, Apple, NSA, DHS and others write for you.

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