1. From the Hedges piece,

    “The fool who prances at the front of our death march”

    Trump cares not for our perilous national direction as long as his critical case of narcissism receives it’s sustaining doses of adulation and the Trump family cabal reaps it’s illegal profits from his presidency.

  2. State of the Union (in the shadows)

    Face of Amerika cashbox ballerina
    Trained chimps and rancid pussies
    Organ grinder of empire calls the tune

    Hold me closer tiny dancer
    Count the headlights on the highway
    Lay me down in sheets of linen

    You had a busy day today

  3. There is no humanity in the world of the rich and powerful. You capture that. But the show must go on. It will be a terrifying century, someone said to me recently. And another said, when I mentioned my apprehension at letting my family stay in Las Vegas one night on a long road trip, “Don’t be afraid. Shootings are random. It can happen anywhere.”. And they are right. And it seems to be happening everywhere. And as we let these performers take center , we will become more normalized to seemingly random violence.

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