1. F,
    thank you for gently calling her out for avoiding O’s eight years of terror too…brilliant!

  2. I watched. Was good. Liked the thoughts about technology. About snarking. I liked the ideas about visual communication going back 30000 years. And how political cartoons make ideas accessible across class. I liked the counter-intuitive that political cartooning isnt easy in the age of dangerous clown presidencies, and how he’s not a King to attack, but a symptom with difficult antidemocratic forces swirling.

    We all wait the unknown. What comes? Can we imagine life and times 5 or 10 or 20 years out?

  3. Mr. Fish at the 24:00 mark of this video – pure brilliance. Dammit, man…. you’re a freaking rock star!

    1. Mr F in a league of his own here, the female seated next to him has a lot to learn about the real world

  4. “Destroy all assumptions….” Keep it going, Brother Booth – hopefully someday the American citizenry will catch up to your realizations. Not holding my breath, but one can only hope.

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