1. “Six legs good, two legs bad”, to paraphrase Orwell.

    Of course to look at our police it seems that some humans are well on the way to acquisition of exoskeletons.

    “When humans arrived in the New World around twelve thousand years ago, the continent abounded in mammoths, mastodons, camels, giant ground sloths, and dozens of similar species. Most of these indigenous species were hunted to extinction. North America lost over 70 per cent and South America 80 per cent of its large mammals, according to [Jared] Diamond.”— John Gray, Straw Dogs

    American Indian culture must have developed a sense of the sacredness of Nature when their cultural predecessors suffered from the loss of these species.

    I can’t imagine humans of this civilization creating a similar religion, while furiously in preparation for mass suicide through thermonuclear warfare.

    Is it possible that this culture could elevate itself to the level of those it refers to as “savages” and step back from the brink of a self-extinction delivered by means of blind indifference to the extinction of our other earthly cohabitants?

  2. Makes sense – especially with cockroaches being able to survive nuclear war. As they say, “Don’t fuck with the Jesus.”

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