1. Someday we will be amazed at just how strange this interregnum was, how sad it was, and what we all did to get through, how it brought out the best and worst of us all.

    1. Interregnum? I think not. Both major US political parties are bankrupt and full of shit…. and trending towards Fascism, since they killed JFK.

      1. Oh, I’m referring to the term as it has been used by Hedges and also someone he interviewed recently. That term has a political meaning I believe of a time in which the old political philosophies have been shown to be a.complete failure, and the future holds great uncertainty.

      2. It’s the idea that we are in a time of great contradiction and a time of in-your-face injustices, when people of power pretend and mouth things that are blatantly untrue, because the truth for so many is just too difficult to bear. A time when yelling ” The King is Naked!!!” just might get you fired at best, killed at worst. We are quickly approaching that level of rotting corruption of society. Turn off all your depencies on this consumer culture as quickly as possible so you can at least bear the understanding of it as it devours us all in a confused state of madness.

      3. Don’t listen to him. He’s a fucking idiot who just mouths whatever he is thinking at the time. Gerard gets his humor from the Onion as well. He just visited here https://www.theonion.com/report-make-it-stop-1822874962 in the 100 milliseconds it took him to reflect on what he just wrote. He gets banned from every vuucking blog site he visits.

      4. i’ve lived with him my whole life, and he’s always making trying that same ying-n-yang like joke. sigh…. it’s getting so old. Quiet now, for God’s sake.

      5. ok

    2. No apologies to ignorance either, wither it be.

  2. White people riots are joyful, like when winning a Superbowl or any other sports championship.

    Black people riots are not joyful but angry like when police shoot one of them and leave him in the street to obstruct traffic for four hours.

    Ask a white person to explain this and many will simply say something to the effect that joy is good and anger is bad, and then be bewildered that this simple thing even needs explanation.

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