Mr. Fish Doc Wins at Slamdance!

Congratulations to Pablo Bryant and Young Teddy Collins – and all the enablers, collaborators, contributors and friends who helped fulfill this blue-eyed, bighearted filmmaker’s dream to make America Gape Again – on winning the Sparky for Best Documentary Feature at the Slamdance Festival!  Here’s how Variety broke the story.  Winning a top prize without shaving […]

We Did It

Freshly back from the Slamdance/Sundance Film Festivals, where Pablo Bryant’s documentary was screened and embraced by the sort of riffraff mainstream America wouldn’t allow to drink from the driveway hose if the world was on fire.  In other words, my kind of people.  And speaking of flames licking something, dig this shot of a Mr. […]

Mr. Fish Doc at Slamdance Film Festival

If you find yourself in Park City, UT, over the next handful of days and you want to lose yourself in a superhero movie full of thrilling chase scenes and explosions (if by chase scenes you understand that I mean a starving artist in hot pursuit of artistic relevance and explosions I mean the psychic […]